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affection 1294965 1280

In today’s world, social media, especially Twitter, works as a source of infotainment and provides us with all the latest trends from weather to life-changing events. However, at times, the same becomes a bit hilarious, especially if we look at the trending hashtags on Twitter. Recently, there was a new hashtag, #seducesomeoneinfourwords, which had taken over the popular microblogging site in its entirety, although its origin is uncertain. There are so many simple, honest and funny ways on how to seduce someone with words.From sports to glamour world, everyone was stepping into the challenge of wooing someone in just four words.

Here are some of the most rib-tickling tweets from the trend on how to seduce someone with words:

  1. The aroma of crispy fries takes my breathe away
  2. Looks like we need to take a sneek peek into her kitchen
  3. 3. Looks like the internet boyfriend needs some vanity
  4. When legends say finding boyfriend over internet is not so cool

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  1. When pizza lovers are given the responsibility to offer some good deeds shared their words of creativity some of which were super hilarious yet relatable with how to seduce someone with words
  2. Also being a refugee in your own land?
  3. When you talk about seducing

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