World Rose Day is observed every year on September 22 across the world. This day is especially dedicated to cancer patients and their fight against the deadly disease. The aim is to honour them and their bravery and give them hope that they are not alone in this prolonged fight against cancer. This Day also aims at spreading awareness about the early symptoms and prevention of cancer, which can not only cure but also save many lives.

We all know that cancer is a prolonged illness and the struggles are for those who are suffering not only physically but mentally. Fighting cancer can get emotionally exhausting and people suffering require a lot of strength and positivity to go through difficult times.

World Rose Day: History

World Rose Day is observed every year across the world in the memory of Melinda Rose. She was a 12-years old Canadian girl who was diagnosed with the Askin’s tumour, a rare blood cancer. The doctors said that she could just live for a few weeks but she was so strong that her undying spirit of fighting the disease made her live for the next 6 months. Many were inspired and uplifted by her spirit and her will to not give up. She spent her last six months fighting the deadly disease and made each day count by positively impacting the lives of people around her.

So, World Rose Day was named after her, to commemorate her brave journey after she succumbed to the deadly disease.

World Rose Day: Significance

The World Rose Day has become much more significant in today’s time with an ever higher prevalence of cancer. On this day, people offer roses, cards, and gifts to cancer patients and their caregivers, who also play an important role in this difficult journey. This day is a reminder to take necessary steps in primary stages to prevent it. From regular body health check-ups to other preventive measures, proper awareness and care can play a vital role in the prevention of cancer.

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