Migraines cause throbbing pain which are torturous for sure, especially when accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and loud sounds. But sometimes they come with preceded warning signals that one must not ignore.

Certain food and drinks may trigger hormonal changes and eventually result in such severe headaches.

Here are some effective ways to stop migraine pain and relieve yourself off the torment:

Cool yourself down

Putting an ice pack on the forehead, scalp or neck may help get rid of some of the pain. Experts can’t comment on how effective this can be, but it sure does reduce the flow of blood which may be a part of the cause. One can also try putting a gel pack or a wash cloth rinsed in cold water as a remedy.

Medicines can help

One will not need a prescription as such to get some common pain killers, effective in releasing migraine headaches. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, or a couple of other over-the-counter drugs have a combination of pain relievers that one can try to get some relief.

Caffeine boost

Caffeine is one ingredient, common in tea, coffee and other beverages, that may help achieve mild relief. The component further helps absorb migraine drugs faster, but it is advised to not go overboard with this remedy as it may also give the body a caffeine jolt, further leading to fatigue or even more headaches.

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Snuggle up in a quiet, dark place

When bright lights and loud noises begin to irritate, one may find a dark and calm spot by shutting the drapes and snuggle up for a nap. Resting always helps speed up recovery.

Burn some calories

It’s not advised to try this in the middle of a migraine attack as it may hurt the head even more but once you feel well, working out and exercising makes the body release endorphins which are a chemical released by the body to fight pain. Exercises like Yoga also release stress and help one nap better.

Veggies are your friend

Dark-green leafy veggies, whole grains and nuts contain Magnesium. The mineral may not help cure migraine but it sure does help prevent it. Magnesium can also be ingested in the form of pills but its is suggested to consult with a doctor before taking such pills.

Sleeping well

Aiming for a 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night can help regulate stress levels, further reducing severe headaches. Sleeping too much or too less may induce throbbing headaches too.

Intake of essential Vitamins

Vitamin B 12, also called riboflavin, often found in foods like milk, cheese, fish, and chicken may help prevent migraines.

Track your triggers

Last, but not the least, tracking what triggers your headaches can be extremely helpful. Make note of food substances that cause hormonal changes or set you off and situations involving bright lights and loud noises and stay clear of them in future to prevent migraines.

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