Our complete guide to making delicious and perfect popsicles at home

When the weather gets hot, the only sure shot way to cool off is by indulging in frozen desserts. So, how about a nice, vibrant, and cool homemade popsicle? Follow along as we spill out our tips and tricks, and recipes to make popsicles at home. Whether you are into fruits, booze, chocolates, or all of the above, we have got you some chill options.

Strawberry and Cream Popsicle

Don’t we all love strawberry jellies, ice-creams, and custards? So, why not try a popsicle with the base of cream to make it rich and smooth? Mix a cup of blended and thickened strawberry puree, add half the proportion of thick cream, sugar, and milk. Make sure everything combines well. Bring it to room temperature, pour into molds, and freeze. Do not forget to add a few chunks of strawberries so that you can get a bite of it.

Kiwi Popsicle

As a fruit, kiwi may be less consumed in comparison to the rest, but when it comes to a popsicle, it surely does a great job. If you are into fresh, tropical flavours, try this version. You can mix kiwi juice with grapes or pineapple for an enhanced taste. Blend until smooth and make sure the sugar melts. Pour it into molds and deep freeze for 5 to 6 hours.

Raspberry Popsicle

Though this is a commonly preferred popsicle flavour, it has remained a favourite for most of us since our childhoods. This time, try a different version by adding equal portions of fresh cream or yogurt for richness and balancing the subtle tanginess. Add sugar as per taste and a drop or two of raspberry essence. Pour the mixture into molds and freeze until it takes the shape of a popsicle.

Maple Mocha Popsicle

If you like all things coffee and chocolate, including your popsicle, this version is certain to impress you. All you need is some chocolate syrup, coffee concoction, sugar, and milk or cream. Mix it all together until the sugar dissolves, add a few chocolate chunks or shavings for the chocolaty bite, and drizzle maple syrup from the top right before serving once the popsicle takes its shape. You’ll be impressed, we assure you.

Orange and Pineapple Popsicle

If the summer is getting on to you right now, try this popsicle and you will be glued to it. Keep some pineapple and orange pulp handy, add some simple syrup, and a handful of sugar-coated pineapple or orange chunks should help you to enhance the taste. Add a pinch of black salt and you will love the balance of flavours.

Popsicles are personal and thus, changing the key ingredient can depend on what you prefer. Let it be grapes, apples and brown sugar, or cookie cream – the choice is yours. What’s common is the experience of hitting nostalgia after relishing popsicles!

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