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Guwahati is home to a whole host of Chinese restaurants. From hotpot to dim sum, Sichuan spice to Taiwanese treasures, the capital’s Chinese restaurant scene does a stellar job of encompassing a range of regional cuisines and dishes that span one of the biggest countries in the world. We’ve scouted out some of the city’s best spots – casual joints and fine dine – to give you a solid repertoire for whatever you may be craving.

Roast Duck

Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Ganeshguri

Wood panels, sophisticated seating, vibrant décor, dim lighting – Red Hot Chilli Pepper is a classy place to be. The menu is vegetarian friendly and has a wide selection to choose from. Think Pan Fried Chilli Tofu, Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce, Exotic Vegetables Hunan Style, and Stuffed Mushroom Garlic Pepper. Non-vegetarians can feast on Roasted Duck in Schezwan Sauce, Savoury Pork Ribs, Prawn Fried Rice, Konjee Chicken. End your meal on a sweet note with their signature dessert – Darsaan. If you’re up for a boozy affair, their potent concoctions won’t disappoint!

Meal for two: Rs 1,500, plus taxes

Prawn Dumpling

Mamagoto, Christian Basti

Mamagoto is one of our regular go-to spots for good Asian food. Their décor is vibrant and classy, with creative graffities adorning the walls. While there, you cannot miss their Dimsum Platter, Jeng’s Pork, Traditional Crispy Lamb, Stir-Fry Udon Noodles, Smoky BBQ Pork Belly Rice Bowl and Three Pepper Bomb. Their dessert selection is equally good – we suggest you try out the Home-made Coconut and Palm Sugar Ice Cream.

Meal for two: Rs 1,500, plus taxes

Soupy Dumplings

Confucius, Christian Basti

Confucius screams all things authentic and delicious. Named after the Chinese scholar and philosopher, this restaurant is heavily inspired by Chinese Culture, starting from the logo to the interiors. Beautiful portraits of Confucius, hanging red-lantern shaped lamps, and a Green Dragon on the wall with bamboo curtains give an elegant touch of the times of Shang Dynasty. Try out Su-Mi Soup, Classic Dragon Roll, Honey Glazed Crispy Chicken, Roast Lamb Peking Style, Mongolian Style Prawn, Shanghai Noodles and Pineapple Fried Rice.

Meal for two: Rs 800, plus taxes

Roasted Pork Ribs

Shanghai Salsa, Hatigarh Chariali

Red décor, wood wall panels, excellent music selection, quality food, and prompt service – this is Shanghai Salsa for you. Their menu features Tex-Mex, Continental, and Chinese delights. Sea Bass in Hoisin Sauce, 5 Spice Flavours Mix Noodles, Schezwan Fried Rice and Roasted Pork Ribs are not to be missed when you’re in mood for Chinese. Pair your food with their delicious cocktails – the mixologist will even customise the ingredients as per your liking.

Meal for two: Rs 1,000, plus taxes

Pork Momos

Chinese Hut, Ulubari

Chinese Hut is popular amongst the young college crowd. Divided into two blocks with two separate entrances, the interiors are basic and dimly-lit. The menu covers almost every dishes from the region, from Rice Noodles to Hong Kong Chicken, Pork with Black Bean to Hunan Chicken, Fried Wontons to Prawn Schezwan Stick and so much more. We recommend you to try out their Special Pork Momos served with light chicken soup and fiery red chilli dip and Chinese Chicken Roast.

Meal for two: Rs 450, plus taxes

Veg Noodles

John’s Kitchen, Christian Basti

John’s Kitchen hardly needs an introduction. Located in the busy GS Road area in ABC, John’s Kitchen has managed to maintain its standards right since its inception. The space is small but neat. Their menu flaunts hearty soups and gravies, juicy momos, loaded fried rice, and crisp chopsueys. While there, do try out their best-sellers – Chicken Fried Momo, Pork Talumein Soup, Mixed Sichuan Noodles, Fung Chang Potato, and Prawn with Vegetables.

Meal for two: Rs 350, plus taxes

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