Jungkook has deleted his Instagram account: Find Out Why

In an unexpected turn of events, the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, has deactivated his Instagram account, jungkook.97.

After a barrage of inquiries and concerns from the BTS ARMY over Jungkook’s absence, the singer himself provided an explanation.

In Weverse, BTS’s official fan forum, Jungkook wrote in the late afternoon of February 28 KST, “I left Instagram, I wasn’t hacked. I never used it so I just deleted it. Don’t worry!!”

He continued by stating, “Hehehehehe I never used it, what could I do!? I just want to use Weverse live every once in a while.”

He added this as his final statement: “I deleted the app right away and I don’t think I’ll use it in the future! Letting you all know in advance!!”

Why did Jungkook delete his personal Instagram account?

Jungkook conducted a brief live session on Weverse after he deleted his Instagram account. He stated  “I briefly switched on the live since I was bored at home. J- Hope is here, oh my. What! Is Jimin Hyung also present? It’s good to see you, members.”

While referencing the artist Jang Beom June, Jungkook remarked, “I like Jang Beom June’s songs. I still like them.”

After deleting his Instagram account, here’s how his fans reacted:

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Another Twitterati wrote “remember when jungkook…”

While another fan posted a hilarious picture stating “witnessed the end of user alphabet era and user jungkook.97 era i need to end myself now”

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