All you need to know about getting free spins on card registration
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Whether a newbie punter or an experienced pro-gambler, anyone playing at an online casino has encountered free spins, especially while playing slot games from popular providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, Euro Games Technology, VistaGaming, Amuzi, Arrows Edge, BetConstruct, Merkur, Skills On Net, etc. Free spins are offered to lure in new players by giving away rewards. A free spin is mainly a way of promotional strategy, where the casino owners extend free spins as rewards or as bonuses in slot games. 

Online casino slot machines have options for spinning reels, where a particular combination might lead to the winning of cash prizes. Almost all the casinos in the UK are bound to the rules and regulations imposed by the UKGC, there are also many online casinos that have unique offers unavailable to UK players otherwise. Receiving free spins for adding a card is one of the most popular offers. But how exactly does one get these lucrative bonus deals? Read on to find out more.

How to Register a Card to Get Extra Spins for Free

The term ‘free spins’ refers to the opportunity of spinning the reel in slot games, where one bet is equivalent to one bet. So, when these spins are offered for free to the players, the probability of winning prizes increases. Free spins are fabulous modes of winning rewards and in our case, a player needs to do nothing more than input their card details on a casino website and activate the free extra spins provided by the casino.

Steps for Getting Free Spin Offers on Card Registration

These are the following ways by which a player can get free spins:

  • Choose a reliable online casino with free spin offers. Not all online casinos offer extra spins for free for such a simple thing as the registration of card details. And not all of the casinos that do so provide high-quality services and gambling experience. Before you start hunting free spins, check with multiple guides you can easily find online on NonStopCasino website or other similar resources dedicated to gambling information.
  • Check the terms and conditions of free spin offers. Free spins on card registration are often offered at a particular size, which means that a player can only get a fixated amount of extra spins. Usually, this type of bonus comes as 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 spins in a stack. Please, keep in mind that there might be limitations to the size of the free spin stack (i.e., to how many spins a player can get for free when they register their credit card details), as well as to the amount of cash a player can win. Another important factor includes the wagering requirements on the free spins bonus: usually, they are quite high.
  • Register your card details. Usually, a certain amount of money must be deposited by the player to become eligible for a bonus offer. However, if you find the right casino, all you need to do to get a free spins promo is to verify your credit card on the casino’s website by inputting the card number and its owner’s name. Once again, do so only after ensuring that the casino you have chosen is a certified, secure operator.
  • Use your free spins to win. When you come across lucrative offers like no-deposit free spins for adding a card, you might want to make the fullest use of them as soon as possible. Why? Because this kind of offer tends to be limited in time: once you get the bonus, you only have so much time before the offer becomes inactive.  

What Should Players Pay Attention to When Offered Free Spins?

A player should be careful while selecting a game. This is because promotional free spins are offered for a particular casino game or for a specific selection. The player should check beforehand what is displayed in the slots and should be well acquainted with the wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, waiting time, etc. If the balance goes down after the first spin, that is a clear red flag and the player should be extremely cautious when coming across free spins in casino games.


Free spins are among the most popular bonus types in gambling, which makes for a good advertising strategy, too. The players should be careful, after receiving the free spin offer and should take note of certain factors before beginning to play to keep their money safe.

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