The gambling business in India is mostly done off the paper because it is not yet legal in India. However, the Satta Matka is one of India’s largest and the oldest lottery systems, and it has been around since the 1950s. It originally began with people betting on the opening and closing rate of the imported cotton updated through the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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However, when the discrepancies began to appear in the projected rate, people switched to a more reliable lottery method called Satta Matka. People would now write random numbers and put them in a pot or Matka. A random person would then be called to pick a number combination, and if the combination matched someone’s ticket credentials, he would be declared the winner of the pot. In the digital world today, Satta Matka has found its place online and is now one of the biggest lottery-based games in India. Here is an article on a guide to playing Satta Matka online.

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Where to go for playing Satta?

In literal terms, Satta means “gamble,” and it is illegal under the Public Gamblings Act of 1857. However, the act is silent on the gambling transactions that occur online, given that an Indian does not book these transactions. Therefore, you can easily participate in the international pots, which will increase your odds of winning.

Since Satta Matka is not a game of skill, Indian-based apps do not offer lottery services. Certain international apps like Betway are an ideal place for playing and winning the lottery. Also, these international bookings give you an option to play in different international zones. For example, Satta lotteries in the EU go for 100 million Euros, a huge prize pool, and you can win good money.

How to play Satta Matka?

The game became very popular in the 1970s when Ratan Khatri, India’s biggest Matka King, started the Satta Bazar and the biggest gambling network of India. To play the Satta, people had to go to the designated Satta bazaars and place their bets. The winning ticket numbers were announced at the allotted time, and the winner was given the entire pot.

But, over the years, the system changed, and after the government issue crackdown on the gambling networks, Satta Matka disappeared from the Indian markets. People now prefer to place their bets online with a much larger pot and a much-reduced risk.

The process of placing a bet in the Satta Matka pot is as follows:

  1. You pick three random numbers between 0-9. Say you picked 123,
  2. Now, to complicate the odds and the winning probability, all three digits are summed. In this case, the sum would be 6.
  3. Now, the resulting number is multiplied with the last digit.
  4. Now, you are asked to pick another three random digits between 0-9, and the process above is followed.
  5. The resulting two numbers after following the entire process are multiplied, and the result is your ticket number.
  6. After the participation limit is completed, the system generates Satta Matka results, and if your ticket number matches the generated number, you get the payout.

What are the fees and payout process?

The online betting platforms that act as booking managers charge 5% on the wager if you win. Also, this is the amount they take on each bet, and the remaining amount is used to make the payouts.

The bets are not unilateral, and there are multiple lottery options available online. The payouts can range from anywhere in between 9-9999. The bets can be placed on the order of appearance of the chosen numbers and the middle numbers.

The middle numbers are based on the groups, i.e., you bet on combining two numbers known as “Jodi.” If you have faith in your numbers, you can choose to raise the stakes, and if you pick your odds at 90, you will get 90 times your bet money. Although, if you end up losing, it will also hurt your pocket.

The lottery game is designed so that it is impossible to predict or rig the outcome. Therefore, you can be sure that online platforms will be free of unfair advantages. Sometimes, people consult with their astrologers and keep on betting on the same number combinations, which increases their odds of winning.


Online betting platforms today have evolved a lot, and they are continuously working to improve the efficiency and security of the payouts. These platforms work with multiple currency options, and the bets are made in tokens. Therefore, there is a universal application of bets on the lotteries, and you can use conversion rates to determine your payout value. It is noteworthy that this game is purely luck-based, and you must be careful when placing large bets.

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