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Avora Records is a band that excites anyone who is aware of the music scene in India. While belting out authentic and original music the band sets the benchmark for musicians across the country.

Formed in 2017 the band has marked their presence in the country by clinching the title of the Hornbill International Rock contest in 2017 and also the Season 3 of the Sennheiser top 50 bands. Hailing from the small town of Aizawl in Mizoram the band Avora Records is making it big with their original music and letting their music do the talking.

Avora Records

The band Avora Records has five sagacious musicians who are talented and also very fun loving.

Stephen is the front-man, he brings in the energy to the band hitting all the sweet spots with his vocals and also spices up the songs with his witty and catchy lyrics.

Ruata is the man behind the guitar, a young and dynamic personality with a very humble and keen approach towards music. He brings in the mellow to all the songs and adds the sweet flavour with his soulful and mellow riffs with the guitar.

CK as he is fondly called, is the bass player. A well-equipped operator with a lot of grooves that can make anyone dance along with their music.

The skin slammer for the band, Sanga brings in all the precise fills and rolls to each and every song of the band.

The calm and composed character of the Avora Records, Khos is the other guitarist. He  backs up the band with his sweet sounding rhythm patterns and progression.

While having an exclusive chat with VibesMojo in Dimapur, Nagaland, the band shared that they will be putting out their debut album by January 2020 titled Comedians on Drugs. The album will consist of ten tracks and will be a free flowing album with a lot of variety in the music. While asking about the future plans for the band, Khos said “we don’t want to be a one album band, we just want to keep going, make more albums, have different phases like the bands that we look up to.”

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Avora Records pulls in a massive amount of crowd wherever they perform. With songs such as Sunday, Borders, Sides and 23:00 the audience is always ready to join in with the band and sing along. The band is always on the road and living the dream of any musician from the northeast region.

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