Assamese thali

As die-hard foodies, we can rarely resist a thali. They’re a great way to try a little bit of everything – perfect if you’re indecisive or just greedy. If you’re looking to kick off the New Year with an ethnic feast, here are the six best restaurants in Guwahati serving traditional Assamese thalis. Bon appétit!

Mising Kitchen

Mising Kitchen, Ganeshguri

A no-frills restaurant, Mising Kitchen does absolute justice to its name. With bamboo seating and traditional artefacts adorning the walls, the ambience is simple, well-lit and home-like. Their menu flaunts several thali options. While each one is amazing, we recommend you to try out the Mising Duck Thali (Rs 390) – rice, yellow dal, black dal, Mising dal, Mising chutney, khar, leafy fry, veg curry, home-made pickle, duck meat with gourd, chicken khorika, mashed fish, fish cooked in banana, and kheer.

Taii Singpho

Taii Singpho, Silpukhuri

Good food, courteous staff, and reasonable pricing – this is Taii Singpho for you. The food here is cooked with ginger, garlic, chillies, and local herbs, sans oil or spice. Go for their Singpho King Size Mixed Thali (Rs 380) – boiled pork with bamboo shoot and regional herbs, chicken gravy, pork sticks, chicken salad, pork cooked in plantain leaf, roasted fish, dal, steamed rice wrapped in plantain leaf, veg boil, mashed potato, dry fish chutney, green chutney, and sweet dish. All you need after this massive meal is a nice nap!

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Michinga, Uzan Bazaar

The inside is cosy with cane seating and wooden tables. The layered bamboo and wood designs, and traditional artefacts hanging on the walls make Michinga a charming dine-in restaurant. Try out their best-selling Jumbo Assamese Thali (Rs 550) – joha rice, omita khar, dal, aloo-beans fry/guti aloo fry, green leafy veg, mashed potato, pumpkin/brinjal fritters, chicken curry, pork curry, local fish fry, pickle, and salad.


Tholgiri, Dighalipukhuri

A hub for shopping ethnic lifestyle products and also a common ‘adda’ for creative professionals, Tholgiri represents the rural essence of Assam. With mud walls, traditional décor items, a book shelf stacked with the finest reads, low floor seating, it is an experience to be savoured. If you’re on a tight budget but want quality and tasty food, the Fish Rice Thali (Rs 180) – rice, fish in mustard seeds, steamed vegetables, black dal, mashed potato, and chutney – makes a good filling meal.


Paradise, Silpukhuri

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Paradise. One of the oldest restaurants in the city, Paradise is known for its thalis and warm hospitality. Decorated with traditional bamboo items and regional artefacts, it has a comforting and homely ambience. The Parampara Thali (Rs 500) is a must-try. Served in traditional bell metal dish and bowls, it comprises of a welcome drink (gooseberry juice), steamed rice, khar, dal, pitika, vegetable fry, pigeon or duck curry, steamed fish, fish tenga, kahudi, kharoli, khorisa, mahor guri, thick cream with hurum and liquid jiggery and traditional sweets.

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