BTS’ Jin leaves emotional message for ARMY in video

Ever since K-pop star Jin left to enlist himself in the Korean military last month, his fans have been eagerly waiting for updates on their favourite star.

In an unexpected move, Bangtan TV released a pre-recorded video of Jin and surprised his fans with a special message.

In the video, BTS’ Jin leaves a message for ARMYs and shares that by the time fans see the video, he would have joined the military.

Jin says, “Hello everyone, this is Jin of BTS. I won’t be a civilian by the time the video is out. But I am here in front of the camera because I wanted to leave you something, even if it is just leaving a message.”

“Whenever I am available I wish to share these videos with you,” he explained, as he was in the midst of shooting the variety show, Running Man.

Before concluding, BTS’ Jin thanked fans for their love and asked them to wait a little more before he returns. “I may not be by your side, but I’ll go looking for you soon if you just wait for a little. I’ll be back soon. That’s all for today. Next time when I have the time, I’ll share another video. That’s all for now,” he said.

Watch the video here

YouTube video

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