This week sees a diverse range of music: from hip hop to house, blues and R&B to experimental pop to a new K-Pop track by BLACKPINK

Some new albums are out as well which have the internet buzzing. Demi Lovato’s 8th studio album, HOLY FVCK, is out now. And so are Johnny Orlando’s all the things that could go wrong, Girls’ Generation’s FOREVER Q – The 7th Album, and NewJeans’ new album NewJeans

Honourable mentions for new songs: Rebecca Ferguson’s “I Hope (Moto Blanco Remix)”. 

1. BLACKPINK – Pink Venom 

The K-Pop group release a track which attempts to be darker and edgier than their usual discography. And the results are… kinda mixed and underwhelming. It’s far from their best, catchiest work. 


2. Stefflon Don & Spice – Clockwork 

Two powerpack rappers collaborate on a fire Afrobeat-backed rap number. The charisma, attitude and bodacious lyrics are all there. It’s hugely entertaining. 


3. Anitta – Lobby (feat. Missy Elliott)

Brazilian popstar Anitta tries a disco revival-esque, pop sound which will remind some listeners of Doja Cat’s “Say So”. ” Lobby” is a cute, flirtatious lighthearted song about brief encounters. Rapper Missy Elliott makes a ‘decent to good’ guest feature, and she sounds like she’s having a lot of fun doing it. So good for her. 


4. ASHWARYA – Can’t Relate 

Indian-Australian artist ASHWARYA (real name Aishwarya Shah) is known for her whisper-y Billie Eilish type pop sound that was minimalist. But this is a new ASHWARYA. And she is ready to dive headfirst into maximalist, noisy pop which is more expected from hyperpop acts like Felicita and Alice Longyu Gao. With disjointed lyrics which keep repeating “I can’t relate!”, and distorted instrumentation and vocals, this is every noise pop fan’s idea of paradise, and everyone else’s idea of chaotic mess. 


5. OSHUN – Kali 

The American rap & soul duo deliver an irresistibly soft, feminine and blissful sound. This romantic number has the singers crooning to their lovers about… perhaps… taking the relationship to the next level? *wink wink* Maybe move in together, or… even have a baby? It’s cute. 


6. Greentea Peng – Look To Him 

The blues singer from London is back with a third solid single. This time she lyrically explores how difficult life can be and how she seeks solace from a higher, powerful being. It’s spellbinding, mystical and meditative. It will help you up.


7. PJ Harvey, Tim Phillips – Who by Fire (From “Bad Sisters”) 

The legendary rocker, known for providing songs for Peaky Blinders, performs an unlikely number for a new comedy series by Apple TV+. It’s known as Bad Sisters and follows a group of sisters who must deal with the unexpected sudden death of their parents. “Who By Fire” has the signature angst, poetic singwriting and Greek tragedy-type drama which might give you the impression that the show is actually darker than it really is. The songwriting is enjoyable nevertheless. But it ends too soon. Maybe that’s the way PJ wants it. 


8. Pritt – You Love 

The British-Tamil singer spins a beautiful R&B ballad about love and relationships. It’s trippy beats somehow bode well with Pritt’s outstanding voice. 


9. Gucci Mane – Gelati (Peewee Longway & BigWalkDog) 

The Georgian MC collabs with fellow rappers Peewee Longway and BigWalkDog hop on a collaborative project. Gucci’s verse is fire, while Peewee and BigWalkDog try their best. 


10.Kelli-Leigh – Back 

The songstress makes a house dance track that captures the nostalgia of the 90s club scene, which is grounded by Kelli’s powerful vocals. 


11. Felicita – Beast (feat. YoungQueenz) 

The London-based producer collabs with Hong Kong YoungQueenz for a terrifying, noise pop, scream pop mishmash of sounds. Meaning it’s perfect for noise pop’s target audience. 


12. Nicki Minaj – Super Freaky Girl (Roman Zolanski Remix) 

One week after dropping “Super Freaky Girl”, Nicki drops a remix which sees an extra verse. It’s an angry verse with salty bars and disses. Some rumours it’s directed towards her former collaborator-turned-enemy Megan Thee Stallion. The verse doesn’t add much to this version and it 


Check out the “New Songs Sunday” playlist on Spotify. 

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