The Internet is stunned as a Golden Retriever bravely roams among tigers.

Another day, another video on the internet that has left us stunned. Golden retrievers may be considered brave, but are they as brave as this dog, which can be seen running freely among the tigers. Surprisingly, the huge cats have no intentions of harming the dog.

Tiger Bigfan posted this video on Instagram on May 26. Since then, it has received over 1.2 million views and 52,000 likes.

The dog mother, according to the article, fed these tigers her milk when they were cubs, which is why they believe she is their mother.

The caption said, “It’s not easy for the dog mother to raise several tiger children.”

Despite being surrounded by large cats, the golden retriever is utterly fearless in the video.

When the footage was posted on the internet, viewers were surprised, but only a few understood why the tigers were acting so strangely.

A person wrote, ”That dog helped raise those tigers and fed them with her milk. They are unlikely to hurt the dog. It’s possible but unlikely.” “They really said “stop talking to my mom,” another person stated.

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