My You Jungkook

BTS member JungKook surprised fans on their 9th debut anniversary by dropping a new track dedicated to the ARMY.

The song track is titled ‘My You’ and is sung solely by Jungkook.

Taking to Twitter, JungKook began a countdown to the song by sharing a screenshot of a text message.

It came as a surprise to fans that the screenshot shared by the BTS member is from the video of the song.

JungKook creatively included numerous social media app templates to convey the lyrics, including included SMS, Instagram stories, Instagram posts, music libraries, and more.

With the track being dedicated to them, the ARMY, too, are left all teary with happiness.

While the song conveys his message to the fandom beautifully, the music also reminds of the ‘For Army’ track he composed last year on his birthday.

The song arrives shortly after BTS dropped their new album titled ‘Proof’.

The album, an anthology, featured three new songs — ‘Yet To Come’, ‘For Youth’ and ‘Run BTS’.

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