Winners of the World Emoji Awards 2021
World Emoji Awards 2021

On July 17 every year, Emojipedia brings the annual global celebration of emoji. The date of the celebration is a representation of the famously displayed ‘July 17’ on the ‘calendar emoji’. The winners of the ‘World Emoji Awards 2021’ are declared on the basis of its usage data available and global voting on Twitter.

Winners of Most Popular New Emoji Award

The winner of ‘Most Popular New Emoji 2021’ is the ‘heart on fire’ followed by ‘face with spiral eyes’ and ‘smiling face with tear’. The emojis that were approved as a part of Emoji 13.0 and Emoji 13.1 fulfilled the eligibility criteria for this category. The judgement of the winners was based on the calculation of the most used Emoji introduced to major platforms in the past year by Emojipedia.

Most Anticipated Emoji 2021

Winners of Most Anticipated Emoji Award

The ‘Melting face’ emojis tops the chart of ‘Most Anticipated Emoji 2021’ with 13.7% of the vote. It was followed by the ‘Face with peeking eyes’ emoji and ‘Saluting Face’ emoji with 10.2% and 9% of votes respectively. The nominees included all the emojis that were shortlisted for release in the coming time. More than 15,000 Emoji lovers voted for their most anticipated emoji.

Most 2021 Emoji

Winner of the Most 2021 Emoji Award

The ‘Most 2021 Emoji’ is decided by voting on the official Twitter handle of ‘World Emoji Awards’. The decision is taken by the voters on the basis of ‘Which Emoji sums up the year so far?’. Out of all the emojis of Emojipedia, ‘Syringe: a symbol of vaccine optimism’ and ‘Microbe: often used to represent corona virus’ made it to the final battle for ‘Most 2021 Emoji’. The voting accounted for a total of 5470 votes. And the optimistic Syringe makes it to the winner position with 53.9% votes. 

Lifetime Achievement 2021

Winners of the Lifetime Achievement Emoji Award

All the members of the Emojipedia are eligible for this category of award. ‘Lifetime Achievement’ is awarded to the most loved of all emoji irrespective of their time of existence. This year the ‘Loudly crying face’ emoji was honoured with the ‘Lifetime Achievement 2021’ award. ‘Face with tears of joy’ and ‘Pleading face’ secured the 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

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