Emojis have undoubtedly taken an irreplaceable place in our lives. It is an inevitable addition to human communication, and we are not complaining. World Emoji Day has been celebrated on July 17 every year since 2014. Based on the way calendar emojis are displayed, Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, decided on the date for celebrating the ‘World Emoji Day’.

The date of this celebration holds significance in the tech world. The apple iCal was introduced in 2002 on July 17, and was therefore chosen as a date to be displayed in calendar and notepad emojis. The WhatsApp calendar emoji displayed February 24 as the date on the front page of the calendar, which caused confusion. To address this issue of discretionary emoji creations, the Unicode Consortium was established. The organisation aimed to standardise the creation, development and introduction of new emojis.

The forefather of our Emojis were the Emoticons. Emoticons are the emotional icons created with the help of letters, punctuation marks and numbers. And the Emojis evolved to be the pictographs of faces, symbols and objects.

The use of emojis have become a part of our daily lives and deserves to be representative of a larger community. To accommodate this change, it has become a popular date to make products or other announcements and releases relating to emoji.

Emojipedia also holds an annual global award ceremony named ‘World Emoji Awards’. The winners are chosen by the process of voting on their official Twitter handle.

Let’s have a flashback of last year’s winners of ‘World Emoji Awards 2020’. The ‘White Heart’ emoji was crowned the Most Popular New Emoji 2020. It was followed by ‘Yawning Face’ and ‘Brown Heart’. The competition was between the 398 emojis introduced in the year 2019. Over a period of 1-9 July, almost 19 million tweets were assessed to reach the winner.

The Anticipated Emoji 2020 was the ‘Smiling face with tear’ emoji. The Award was voted by the users; and the shortlisted emojis were the ones that were approved that year as a part of emoji 13.0. The second and third position was bagged by ‘transgender flag’ and ‘pinched fingers’ emoji.

The next category of award was the ‘Most 2020 Emoji’. This award was based on the responses by the users on ‘Which emoji best represents the year 2020 so far?’. The two emojis that fought the finals for the spot of ‘Most 2020 Emoji’ were Microbe emoji and Raised Fist: dark skin tone emoji. The winner was the representation of the Black Lives Matter Movement: Raised Fist (dark skin tone)..

For ‘World Emoji Awards 2021’, Emojipedia has come up with awards in four categories: ‘Most Popular New Emoji’, ‘Most Anticipated Emoji’, ‘Most 2021 Emoji’ and ‘Lifetime Achievement’. The voting for the winners is going on in the official Twitter handle of ‘World Emoji Awards’, as the Emoji users await the results.

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