A disabled baby alpaca got a new lease of life, after a kind soul gave it a modified wheeled harness for walking.

Marie, the alpaca, was left with severely damaged hinds during a traumatic birth which killed her mother and her sister, said a report by Reuters.

Ronja Pohl, saw her at a friend’s farm and was determined to give the orphan a second chance at life. She got the animal to a farm where she works, in Freisen, near Frankfurt in Germany.

She starting Marie’s medical treatment. Pohl took her to a vet who amputated one of her back legs. The Doctor put her in touch with a company which makes special wheelchair for animals.

Strapped in to her bespoke wheeled frame and harness, Marie now trots around the farm and is also learning social interaction with a baby lamb and other animals.

“As soon as she is able to carry weight on her third leg, she will get an artificial limb and join my boyfriend’s alpaca herd to live a normal alpaca life,” said Pohl to Reuters.

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