An 11-year-old boy in Novocheboksarsk, Russia, jumped from a 23rd-floor window after a girl he wanted to ask out liked someone else. The boy survived the fall as he landed on a truck parked below.

According to reports, the schoolboy suffered multiple fractures and is currently in hospital in a serious condition. However, he is conscious and able to speak.

The boy, Mazar, had skipped school to take the drastic step. He also left behind a note to his parents which said: “Thank you for giving me my childhood.”

It explained that the girl he wanted to ask out, and later marry, liked someone else. Mazar also said that he had given his word that he would jump if the girl he liked was interested in someone else.

This incident has raised alarms on the mental health of young children. Also, a senior official in the region, Oleg Nikolaev, made an emotional appeal urging parents to be more attentive to the psychological state’ of their children.

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