The two planets very extremely close to each other

As Saturn-Jupiter came closest to each other on December 21, people across the globe witnessed this rare ‘conjuction’.

Like many netizens posting pictures of this celestial phenomenon, American space agency NASA also shared a picture of this conjuction as seen from space, leading to a stirr of reactions on Twitter.

“Hey everyone, are you seeing this? It’s in the sky and @GoogleDoodles! (And we look pretty cute in it!) @NASAMoon, can you tell what we’re seeing?” tweeted NASA Earth.

To which, NASA Moon said, “Unlike @NASASun, that’s no star, it’s two planets! #TheGreatConjunction looks great from the Moon!”

Here is how netizens reacted to the conjuction:

This is the first time in nearly 400 years that the planets were this close to each other in the sky resulting in the great conjunction, also called as the ‘Christmas Star.’

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