Here are 6 Indian-American winners from 2020 US elections

The heated US election 2020 is on its third day of ballot counting, and the winner is yet to be declared. As per the Associated Press, former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden has so far won 264 seats, just six short of reaching the winning mark of 270 seats, while President Donald Trump has pocketed 214 seats.

This election is quite diverse as several Indian-Americans are on the line, from Kamala Harris who has partnered as Biden’s to be VP, to Pramila Jayapal and Ami Bera, among others.

Check out the list of Indian Americans who have won the house race till now:

Raja Krishnamoorthi won from Illinois’ 8th Congressional District

Raja Krishnamoorthi

A Democratic Congressman of Indian-origin, Raja Krishnamoorthi has been re-elected to the US House of Representatives for the third consecutive time from Illinois’ 8th Congressional District.

Born in New Delhi, the 47-year-old politician’s parents’ are from Tamil Nadu.

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Pramila Jayapal won from 7th Congressional district of Washington

Pramila Jayapal

Chennai-born Jayapal has been re-elected to the Us House of Representatives in the 7th Congressional district of Washington.

The Indian-American Democratic lawmaker is a financial analyst and was a member of the Washington state senate from 2015-2017.

Jenifer Rajkumar won from the 38th Assembly district of New York City

Jenifer Rajkumar

38-year-old lawyer Jenifer Rajkumar is the first South-Asian woman to be elected to the 38th Assembly district of New York City in the New York State Assembly.

A Democrat, Jenifer’s parents immigrated to the United States from India and settled in the Queens neighbourhood of New York.

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Ro Khanna won from California’s 17th Congressional District

Ro Khanna

Indian-American Democrat Ro Khanna has been re-elected to the US House from California’s 17th Congressional District.

Born in Philadelphia, Khanna is the former US Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary.

Ami Bera won from California’s 7th Congressional district

Ami Bera

The longest-serving Indian-American in the US Congress, Ami Bera, a Democrat, was re-elected as a lawmaker to the House in California’s 7th Congressional district.

Niraj Antani won from Ohio Senate’s 6th District

Niraj Antani

The 29-year-old Republican is the first Indian-American to be elected to the Ohio state Senate. He had the distinction of becoming the youngest state lawmaker in the US at the age of 23.

Antani defeated Mark Fogel of the Democratic Party and was elected as the state Senator for the Ohio Senate’s 6th District.

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