The voice-over was done by Megan Rapinoe
The voice-over was done by Megan Rapinoe|YouTube screengrab

WATCH: Nike's new ad is an editing marvel, breaking the Internet

The video highlights the spirit of unity and standing together in these uncertain times

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

Guwahati: Amid the uncertainty and paranoia of the COVID-19 pandemic, normalcy seems to have taken a reverse gear altogether. However, even among these tense times, certain moments bring us the much-needed joy and the new Nike ad is an example of that.

With the tagline, “You can’t stop sport. Because you can’t stop us”, the video itself is an editing marvel. Stitching in various moments in the sporting history, which is a pure nostalgic dive, the video highlights the unifying power of sports. People from diverse societies, countries, cultures can be banded together via the power of sports, hence the motto, “Nothing can stop what we can do together.”

With powerful narration, meaningful lines, and an equally powerful voiceover by Megan Rapinoe, the ad transcended boundaries. The video comes in the time when many sporting events had to be canceled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Hence, the video becomes an inspiration and motivation to get across these tough times together.

The ad has already got over 21 million views on YouTube and over 25 million views on Twitter and counting. This is all because of the painstaking research done by the Wieden + Kennedy team that created the ad. They researched 4,000 sports action sequences and chose 72 of them to combine into 36 split-screen moments. The split-screen had to be so seamless that the action on both sides had to melt into one visually stunning masterpiece.

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