Offbeat Assam – Unveiling Hidden Treasures

Discover the Unexplored

Venture into the lesser-known gems of Assam's landscapes.

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 A haven for trekking, camping, and sightseeing.

Nature's Heritage


Perfect for family retreats, hiking, and trekking.

A Retreat in Kamrup

Sukapha  Samannay Kshetra

Explore the grandeur architecture of the  Ahom Kingdom.

Ahom Heritage


A small township rich in  flora and fauna,  perfect for trekking.

Biodiversity Paradise

Panimur Waterfall 

Witness the ethereal beauty of the Kopili River's cascade.

The Niagara Falls of Assam


Discover the mesmerizing landscape and historical significance.

Capital of Dimasa Kingdom

Parvati Pahar

Soothe your soul with scenic grandeur and mesmerizing sunsets.

Sunset Paradise

Bholaguri Tea Estate

Step into the past where Assamese cinema history was made.

Cinematic Heritage

Embark on the Path Less-Traveled

Pack your bags and explore these hidden gems of Assam.

Uncover the  Soul of Assam

Disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature.