Celebs Who Heal with Style

Bollywood & Medical Brilliance

Here are 5 Bollywood celebrities who aren’t just stars on screen, but also hold medical degrees in real life, merging intelligence with artistic flair.

Dr. Aditi Govitrikar

MBBS & Psychologist, Aditi is a crowned Mrs. World '01 and has showcased her acting skills in films like "Thammudu," "16 December," & "Bheja Fry 2." A real-life example of "Beauty with Brains".

Dr. Meiyang Chang

This versatile dentist turned star rose to fame with "Indian Idol". Chang has acted in blockbusters like "Sultan" and "Badmaash Company", showcasing his skills as a TV host and a singer as well.

Dr. Palash Sen

With an MBBS from UCMS, Palash is the dynamic leader of the band Euphoria, creating waves with the hit album "Dhoom." Besides music, he has explored his acting talents in movies like "Filhaal"

Dr. Arko Pravo Mukherjee

Arko, an MBBS, changed his path in '08 to follow his passion for music in Mumbai. He’s a famed composer & singer, creating hits for movies like "Kesari" & "Rustom".

Dr. Shreeram Lagoo

Before making his debut in the 1972 film "Pinjra", Shreeram practiced medicine. He is widely recognized for his memorable roles in "Souten" & "Laawaris".

These multi-talented stars have seamlessly merged their passion for acting and music with their medical knowledge, proving that the worlds of science and art can beautifully coexist.