Talk about bad timing. ‘Not Funny’, an Ukhrul-based band, was founded in mid-October 2019, just months before the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. In short, their entire existence has been eclipsed by the global pandemic, yet, if you think they will let that stop them or feel discouraged, you are clearly wrong.

The band consists of four members: Wungramthing Shimray (vocal), Kachuimi Luithui (Bass), SP Wotsa (drums) and Soringthing Raihing (guitar). Despite the hurdles, the band has already released three video singles and attracted several fans from the hill district and beyond.

Their first single ‘Dance with me’, about unrequited love, has already garnered over 1 lakh views since its release in 2020. Likewise, their other two singles: ‘Unfamiliar Feelings’ and ‘Walk Through’ also received a spectacular response from the audience.
But instead of reading what we have to say about them, how about listening to the band? EastMojo sat down with Not Funny for a light-hearted conversation. Excerpts:

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