Agartala: Royal scion Pradyot Kishore Debbarman-led TIPRA Motha, the party which is in power in the tribal district council areas, on Saturday released its poll manifesto that primarily focuses on the protection of the rights of indigenous people and public welfare at large.

But, there are some sensitive issues that the Debbarman-led party has succeeded to touch, which most of its contemporaries rarely notice. 

The 18-page document has been divided into three parts. In the first segment, as many as 15 promises have been compiled, which would be completed within 150 days if voted to power. This segment is called ‘Mission 15 in 150 days’.

The next segment is the general section where the party talks about what it intends to do in different sectors pertaining to rural development, civic issues, women and children welfare, governance, and law and order.

The third part consists of some very crucial issues titled other major issues, where it has mentioned less-talked-about sectors like wildlife, nature, and the rights of special people. In the last part, the party included the environment in its manifesto. 

In its election manifesto, the party stated that special measures will be undertaken to preserve and protect the rich flours and fauna of the state. In addition, a comprehensive plan will be drawn up and implemented to safeguard the natural resources of the state. 

On LGBTQ+ community rights, TIPRA is, perhaps, the first political party to take a stand. In its poll manifesto, the party said that people belonging to the third gender would be given equal respect and opportunity in the state. The government will also work to safeguard their interest and well-being. The party also promised to make all public places equipped with enough facilities for special people and persons with disabilities.

In the same segment, the party makes commitments to expedite the process of Bru resettlement and initiate talks with the Central government to speed up fencing work in the unfenced bordering patches.

Moving on to the key highlights of the poll manifesto, TIPRA has promised everything from free electricity up to 50 units to free public transport for women. The party also mentioned that a resolution against the contentions Citizenship Amendment Act will also be passed in the state assembly.

It needs to be mentioned here that Debbarman hogged the political limelight for his instrumental role in the anti-CAA protests that broke out in various parts of Tripura. 

The 15 key points of the manifesto include the formation of a public grievance redressal cell, empowerment of TTAADC of course with more budgetary allocation, land rights to the poor, 20,000 Jew jobs both in the government and private sector, world-class educational institutes, village committee elections, student credit card that allows students to get loan of Rs 5 lakh for higher studies, healthcare 24 ×7 and entrepreneurship hub.

Besides, the party also promises to zero out hunger, corruption, violence, dropout, drugs, and other social prejudices. The poll manifesto also includes the delivery of government services on the doorstep, fulfillment of 10 long-pending demands of the MLAs, socio-economic-caste survey, and a resolution against CAA.

In addition to that, subsidized loans for business people, a special task force for women, free mobile phones for students above 8th standard, and scooters for meritorious girl students are some of the significant promises that the Debbarman-led party made.

Addressing a press conference during the manifesto release, the TIPRA supremo said, “All the ideas which are incorporated while drafting the manifesto are not new. I am inspired by Delhi’s AAP government which has made governance accessible to all. I have also learned something from BJP and Congress which may reflect here.”

TIPRA has also made a commitment to continue with its fight for Greater Tipraland till the central Government does not agree to fulfill the demand.

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