Tripura: TIPRA not to contest in Cong, CPIM strongholds, Pradyot gives clear indication 

Agartala: TIPRA Motha will not field candidates in constituencies where Congress and CPIM can defeat the BJP, Chairman Pradyot Kishore Debbarman told EastMojo in an exclusive interview.  

Debbarman also said he met CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury and discussed electoral understanding. He, however, did not specify whether he would be a part of the alliance officially or only abstain from fielding candidates in seats where the rest of the opposition parties are strong. 

Speaking to EastMojo, Pradyot said, “To be specific, I have talked to CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury. We have spoken to each other for a very long time in Shillong. He visited my house there.”

When contacted, Chowdhury said, “All the political parties have one particular point of agreement which is that BJP must be defeated. All the talks that are taking place at different levels are centred on that one goal. But a lot of things are yet to be discussed and clarified.”

Although he declined to reveal anything further, the CPIM leader said that talks were progressing towards a positive direction. 

According to TIPRA, the party has set an initial target of 40 assembly constituencies. But, given the emerging political circumstances and other key factors, it may scale down or scale up depending on the conclusive talks. The BJP has never responded to the demand raised by TIPRA, so naturally, the party will try to do whatever is required to defeat the BJP in the state.

“The Bharatiya Janata Party should first make their mind whether they want TIPRA or not,” said Pradyot. Regarding the statements made by MP Rebati Tripura and Tribal Welfare Minister Ram Pada Jamatia, he said, “Rebati Tripura should first tell his party to conduct the VC polls. They are not holding the elections to escape the embarrassment of defeat. And, even people in Rampada Jamatia’s constituency know he is not going to lose the elections.” 

“To win elections, they have to join TIPRA and leave the BJP,” Pradyot added.

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