People who brought BJP to power now shedding tears of repentance, says Manik Sarkar
CPI (M) leader Manik Sarkar

Agartala: Tripura Leader of the opposition Manik Sarkar on Saturday claimed that people who played a crucial role to bring the BJP to power are now shedding tears of repentance; some of them even quit the party when the real face of the BJP was unmasked before them. 

Addressing a sit-in-demonstration of Left MLAs at Orient Chowmuhani, Sarkar said, “Leaders of all the anti-Left parties took shelter under the BJP to oust the Left Front government. They did not dare to challenge the model of governance that the Left Front had. All of them vouched for a better development model for the state. Some of them became Ministers and MLAs as well but they could not sustain in the BJP environment.”

According to Sarkar, the BJP government’s disappointing policies and utter failure in delivering what it promised before the polls forced those leaders to leave BJP. 

 “Before the elections, the BJP left no stones unturned to lure voters with promises that have no factual grounds. After coming to power, the government started working in the starkly opposite direction leaving the leaders who believed BJP a lurch. When they tried to raise voices they had been silenced and in repentance, they left the MLA post,” said Sarkar.

Sarkar was referring to Sudip Roy Barman’s switch over from BJP to Congress. The leader of the opposition also slammed the government for the change in leadership.

“By changing Chief Minister, the BJP wanted to create an impression that the former Chief Minister is responsible for all the failures of the government and set the state BJP president in the top post. But, we must understand that the new Chief Minister is also part of the existing system. When he was the party chief, political violence against opposition party workers scaled new heights. And, in the by-elections, we saw how BJP engaged white band groups to threaten voters and jam booths just to make sure that Dr Saha wins the polls. Now, I feel ashamed that the Chief Minister of my state has won elections by rigging,” Sarkar pointed out. 

Terming the change of CM as “presenting spoiled food in the fresh wrapper”, Sarkar said, “The food is already spoiled. Even if it is served in a new wrapper, the foul smell pervading the atmosphere can’t be prevented,” he added.

He also urged the Left workers to come forward and fight for the real issues. “Our MLAs have toured all across the state and heard the grievances of people. In two phases real issues faced by the people were highlighted before the officials and now is the time to hear the feedback. All the demands we have summed up are very pertinent and related to day-to-day public life,” said Sarkar. 

Apart from Sarkar, other Left MLAs, Secretaries of CPIM, CPI, Forward Block and RSP spoke on the sit-in protest that continued the whole day.       

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