Tripura: “Terror” BJP’s weapon to retain power says Yechury 
Yechury was addressing a CPIM party conference at the Agartala Town Hall

Agartala: CPI (M) politburo member and National General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday predicted that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in Tripura would once again try to win the upcoming Assembly elections by banking on the atmosphere of “terror” and “fear” induced by it successfully under its rule.

The veteran Left leader also exhorted the party rank and file to think of a larger secular front to combat BJP’s religious polarisation card.

“We have seen the recently held urban local body polls where 96 per cent of seats were won by the ruling party uncontested. The BJP will try to create an atmosphere of terror to make sure that opposition candidates do not feel safe contesting the polls. They will threaten you, they will try to intimidate, and take the shelter of cowardly violence if necessary. In the face of all these, our efforts should be to restore democracy. We have to save Tripura and the country from this evil design of transforming our secular republic into a Fascist Hindu Rashtra,” the senior leader added.

Explaining the need for extensive outreach among people, Yechury said, “We have to strengthen ourselves and for that, we have to bring more and more people with us. We have to play the pivotal role of stitching a larger front of secular and democratic forces—a must to combat the politics of polarisation, which the BJP is a master of.”

He said the Constitution of India functions on four basic pillars—secular democracy, economic sovereignty, social justice and federalism. “All these pillars are under threat after the BJP, which is the political manifestation of the ideological propositions of RSS, came to power. The secular character of the country was never endorsed by the RSS. We know their economic policy is completely inclined towards a bunch of corporate players and you all know what sort of social justice and federalism exist nowadays,” he added. Yechury was addressing a conference of the CPIM party at Agartala Town Hall.  

The senior party leader also referred to the history of RSS and the Indian freedom movement. “It was the RSS ideologue Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who first proposed the idea of two-nation theory when he was in the Hindu Mahasabha that was later supported by Mahammad Ali Jinnah resulting in the partition. Today, the same idea is being applied in Indian politics to alienate the minorities of the country,” he pointed out.

Leader of the opposition, Manik Sarkar emphasized public reconnect programmes on a mass scale. “The ideological battle for social and economic justice, as well as restoration of democracy, shall continue in its place. But, now the focus should be diverted towards the burning issues faced by the people,” he told party workers.

“The ruling party has lost its popularity among people. Even a larger section of voters are aggrieved with the ruling party and the government. We must go and understand their problems to get their issues incorporated into our political programmes. Each village has its own set of problems that are required to be addressed in its way. We must keep working in a manner that issues faced by people get reflected in our daily political course. If we think the BJP will be defeated because of the wave of anti-incumbency it has been facing, that would be a wrong guess altogether,” Sarkar said.  

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