Agartala: Chairman of TIPRA, the ruling party of Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC), Pradyot Kishore Debbarman on Tuesday issued a terse warning to the potential defectors in his party and said that no one in the party would be entitled to undue privileges. 

He also made it clear that the right to make key decisions like nominations and appointments in party posts stayed reserved with the party top brass. 

He said those who are with TIPRA for plum posts and power may leave the party straight away as there is no room for pressure tactics or negotiation on party decisions. 

Addressing a party event organized at Shimna (West Tripura), 48 kilometers from the capital city, to mark the celebration of World Indigenous Day, he said, “The ensuing village committee elections are drawing near. We all have to work harder to ensure victory. Those who are in the mood of negotiation should leave. Only I will decide who will get the nominations.”

Who will get the MLA tickets was a thing to be decided by the party top brass and not by the local leaders, Debbarman asserted, adding, “If you give us threats for nominations, you better leave the party.”

According to the royal scion, people elect their leaders for a cause and if the leader works otherwise after getting the vote, people should have every right to replace him with better options available. 

“If one leader leaves, ten leaders will take up the responsibility. If they leave, fifty will be trained to take the charge and if they also leave, each and every Tiprasa will come forward and help TIPRA reach its goals. All our people have the potential and spark to become leaders,” he claimed. 

In his words, the party in power is trying to break the unity of TIPRA in an ugly show of “divide and rule” policy. 

“The leaders in other parties have been left shattered by the rise of TIPRA. They want to apply the policy of divide and rule. Don’t be misled by them.”

TIPRA scripted history by securing second position in Surma by-elections. “This is the first instance in many years where a regional party fought polls from a SC seat, breaking the traditional political stereotypes and putting in only 15 days of effort; it has shocked others,” said Debbarman. 

Later in the evening, Debbarman attended a function organized by TTAADC administration to mark the day. 

Laying emphasis on the identity crisis that the indigenous people of Tripura have been facing, he said, “Tripura today is regarded as second Bengal across the country. In Delhi, people don’t even know that Tripura was once an independent kingdom ruled by indigenous kings. Our people welcomed persecuted Hindu Bengalis who crossed over for shelter; our people gave them food and accommodation.”

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