Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy flags off consignment of pineapple for Delhi from horticulture research complex at Nagicherra.

Agartala: Responding to the state government’s request, Indigo Airlines has revised its air fare for the shipment of pineapples from Tripura.

As per the revised fares, the farmers have to pay transportation cost of Rs 12 per kg for Delhi, and for Kolkata, the per kg transportation cost has been fixed at Rs 9, Tripura Chief Secretary Kumar Alok said through a tweet.  

“On our follow up, Indigo has reduced the price for shipment of pineapple up to Kolkata and Delhi. Now farmers need to pay Rs 12/kg up to Delhi and Rs 9/kg up to Kolkata for 300-plus kg pineapple. Our farmers will be able to ship large quantities of pineapple now,” the Chief Secretary tweeted.

Meanwhile, Agriculture minister Pranajit Singha Roy on Saturday flagged off a Delhi-bound shipment of six metric ton pineapple from Horticulture Research Complex, Nagicherra.  

Speaking to the media on the issue, Roy said, “Over the years, the demand for pineapples has seen a steep rise in the national as well as international markets. In fact, all the horticulture products of Tripura are now in high demand.”  

“Queen Pineapple is a resource that could not be utilized properly by the previous governments. After our government came to power, it was declared the state fruit on June 7, 2018 in presence of his excellency President of India Ram Nath Kovind. The Queen variety of Pineapple has received huge appreciation in national and international markets after the Tripura government gave enough emphasis on its potential,” said Roy.

According to the Minister, till August this year back to back consignments of Queen Pineapple will leave Tripura for other states, and in the next four months, Kew variety will be sent to the national markets.

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