Agartala: After BJP leaders were allegedly heckled in Gomati district by TIPRA Motha workers, it has triggered a war of words on social media between Tipra Motha chief Pradyot Kishore Debbarman and BJP MP Rebati Tripura.

BJP MP Rebati Tripura has alleged that TIPRA Motha, the party that rules the TTAADC areas of the state, believes in the political philosophy of unrest and is trying to disrupt the ethnic harmony of the state.

Addressing a press conference at the BJP state headquarters on Thursday, Rebati Tripura said, “All political parties have the right to make public connections. I have been elected by the people of my constituency and I have the right to meet them. Any obstruction on that is against the spirit of democracy.”

“The way TIPRA supporters are aggressively working against the BJP in the hill region clearly shows that they are intolerant of other political ideologies. An atmosphere is being created where people can’t survive without supporting TIPRA,” the BJP MP added.

Issuing a clarification on the allegations of police lathi-charge, Tripura said, “TIPRA supremo is accusing us of using the police against women agitators. I am not denying that tear gas shells were not fired, but at the same he should introspect why the police attacked those women. I am once again appealing to all the political parties to make sure that all can reach out to people.”

Slamming TIPRA Motha chief Debbarman, Tripura said, “His party leaders are making inflammatory statements openly. Animesh Debbarman, who is the deputy chief executive member of the TTAADC, has recently said that Tiprasa and Bengalis can never be brothers. They can be good friends but brothers. There is no transparency in the TTAADC administration, but the supreme leader of the party is silent on these issues.”

He added that the BJP has offered Tripura a transparent administration and benefits of government schemes are reaching the people irrespective of any political affiliations.

“Drinking water facilities are being extended to far-flung areas. All these pro-people activities have caused massive erosion in the support base of TIPRA, which is why their workers are furious with the BJP,” Tripura said.

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