Agartala: Monsoon has not officially entered Tripura. However, heavy pre-monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in Agartala city inundating the low-lying areas. Several city roads had been waterlogged with rainwater overflowing from the city’s drains.

However, Nahush Kulkarni, director, Indian Meteorological Department Tripura State Office, said the seasonal rainfall recorded so far is around 360.8 millimetres, far less than the average of 453 millimetres.

“The deficit has been calculated to be 18 per cent but there is nothing to worry about, as this is normal. The pre-monsoon rains shall continue for next three to four days and if the incessant rain continues, it will compensate for the deficiency,” he added.

In the beginning, he said, the shortfall in rainfall stood at 63 per cent, when the entire state was gripped by massive heat waves. However, the pre-monsoon rains acted as a respite for the people of the state.

On being asked about the arrival of the monsoon, he said, the monsoon is steadily approaching towards the North East. “It is predicted that on May 27, monsoon shall enter Kerala and accordingly we will give regular updates on the movement of monsoon in India,” he said.

The rain has also, to an extent, made the temperature more tolerable given that it recently touched the 41 degree Celsius mark.

The maximum and minimum temperatures recorded on Thursday are 36 degrees Celsius and 25.8 degrees Celsius respectively.   

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