We’re always excited and looking forward to celebrating festivals for several reasons, and Durga Puja is one such event. An upcoming filmmaker from Tripura, Samarpan Bhattacharjee, has written and directed a Bengali short film ‘Pujor Jama’ centred around the festivities of the East.

The story of Pujor Jama revolves around Tubai, a boy from a financially weak family. This time in Puja, like everyone else, he also wishes to buy new puja clothes. Whether or not will he be able to buy puja clothes at all is the plot. Diving into the aspect of unity in diversity, the film also features a character named Abdul, a sculptor that makes Durga idols for a living, who happens to be very close to Tubai.

“The film is about a child and his ‘Pujor Jama’ or the outfit he wants for Durga Puja celebrations. The film explores the challenges faced by the boy and is set in a backdrop where his family is struggling financially. He does get his clothes in the end, but you’ll have to watch the film to find out what all he has to go through for it,” the filmmaker of ‘Pujor Jama’ told EastMojo.

The short film produced by Rahul Acharjee, released on the platform ABC (All Bout Cinema) Talkies, a Film- tech start-up launched in February 2021. The platform’s concept was developed as a lockdown pursuit that now describes itself as World’s First Cinema Marketplace.

Pujor Jama‘s cinematography was looked after by Ganak and Sanjoy Debnath. Ridhik Shil played the lead role of Tubai whereas Payel Das played his mother. Soura Pratim Sharma played the character of Abdul Chacha, and most of the cast was chosen through auditions followed by ads on Social Media.

“The film is about a small kid, like a typical small kid in any Bengali family. They look forward to Durga Puja, for one thing: before Puja, they get to buy new clothes. The boy insists that his parents buy him the clothes, but things don’t turn out as planned. It’s a very emotional story from the point of view of a child and how his excitement turns into sadness,” Siddharth Sinha, Chief Content Officer, ABC Talkies, told EastMojo.

On being asked about how the film is performing on the platform, Sinha said, “The movie is doing well so far; the film released on the platform last week on 10th and has been doing pretty well since then in terms of viewership. About 500 people have already seen the movie. Out of all the movies that are there on the platforms, this is doing pretty good as of now.”

“The film released on ABC Talkies on 10th of this month and viewers can stream the film there and the response is good but a couple of days later when it is free for all, we will release it on YouTube or some other similar platform,” Samarpan told EastMojo, on his plans of further releases.

Speaking about when the story idea came to him and how he began pursuing the project, Samarpan said that he had written the film back in 2014, while he was still studying in Bangalore. The film was originally meant to be a book that he wanted to author but eventually turned into a short film. It took the crew two to two and a half months to finish making the short film.

Originally an animator and graphic designer, this was Samarpan Bhattacharjee’s first attempt at directing a short film. Sharing the plight of artists in the state, he said, “Many talented artists are doing great work here in Tripura, but there are a lot of technical issues, and the scope is limited.”

“We’re trying to create a small industry with our work and we’re starting small at the moment,” the filmmaker said.

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