Agartala: The members of the 10,323 terminated teachers on Saturday organised a sit-in demonstration demanding their jobs back, which were rejected by the Supreme Court verdict.

The teachers warned both the opposition CPIM and ruling BJP about the vote share of the 10,323 teachers’ and their family members.

The leader of this organisation, Bijay Krishna Saha, sharply criticised the government and even the court.

He also said that other parties, including the ruling party, have already started discussions on the 2023 assembly elections.

“It should not be forgotten that no political party can win the elections by keeping the sacked teachers apart, as they have more than one lakh voters who will decide the fate of the winning party,” Saha said.

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The Joint Movement Committee, an association of the sacked teachers, organised a one-day sit-in demonstration at Agartala demanding to get their jobs back.

Members of the organisation from different parts of the state were present to take part in this position program organised in the capital on this day.

They took part in this protest program using placards and posters.

Saha said the ruling party had promised to give back their jobs before the election, but they have now backtracked on their promise.

They will continue the movement until their jobs are returned.

“The one-day agitation program was organised, and if the government does not take any appropriate action, we will start a continuous and larger agitation across the state in the coming days,” Saha said.

He also said that if their movement deteriorates law and order in the state, the Tripura government will be responsible for it.

“If necessary, we will hold a sit-in program in front of the High Court in the coming days. The court has given the verdict on our jobs, and the same rules and regulations should be implied on others. Some other teachers have been given job security,” Saha added.

He also criticised the state’s opposition parties and the Leader of the Opposition.

“Why is the opposition and especially the Leader of the Opposition, silent on this issue? Why aren’t they being vocal about their jobs,” he questioned.

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