Agartala: The Tripura government on Friday announced the extension of the COVID-19 curfew across the state from 5 am on June 6 till 6 pm of June 10 in the jurisdiction of Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC), all other Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and rest of the state, cabinet spokesperson and education minister Ratan Lal Nath said.

Nath said the government has also decided to provide some relief in terms of timing for the opening of essential services providing shops and establishments till 2 pm.

The inter-district movement will continue to remain closed as usual till 6 pm on June 10. There will be a waiver only for emergency services and medical needs as per the order issued on May 19.

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Other Guidelines

  • According to the order copy issued by the chief secretary, all stand-alone shops and commercial establishments (involved in activities related to groceries, vegetables, milk, meat/fish, animal feed, etc.) would be open from 6 am to 2 pm.
  • All other shops and businesses will be closed. The shop owner will keep an eye on the social distance so that the shoppers use the mask.
  • Shopping malls and market complexes will be closed. All vehicles other than government vehicles will be able to ply from 6 am to 2 pm.
  • All government and private offices not connected to the emergency services will be closed. However, gazetted officers and senior private officers can work with minimum support staff till 4 pm if required.

Restriction on Gatherings

  • All social, political, sports, entertainment, religious, educational, cultural, fairs, festivals, etc., will be closed.
  • No meeting other than necessary government meetings (up to 20 participants) may be held in open or closed rooms.
  • Cinema halls, multiplexes, shopping malls, complexes, gymnasiums, swimming pools, beauty parlours, salons, sports complexes and stadiums, assembly halls and similar places will be closed.
  • Restaurants and dhabas will be open till 2 pm. The restaurant inside the hotel will only be open for guests until 2 pm. But the guests staying at the hotel will always be able to take the service.
  • Tea garden activities will be carried out in accordance with the Covid hygiene rules and the tea leaf transporter will be able to move.
  • Home delivery will continue from hotels, restaurants and other food stores. Delivery of required goods through e-commerce will continue in compliance with the Covid hygiene rules.
  • Up to 50 people can be gathered at the wedding ceremony from 10 pm to 8 pm Up to 20 people can gather for cremation and burial.
  • All religious places will be closed but the head of the religious institution.

Restriction on Movement

  • Passengers can get off the bus, train, plane and go to their respective destinations by showing their tickets.
  • Employees and vehicles connected to telecommunication, internet services, broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT-dependent services will be able to move.
  • Staff and vehicles involved in the delivery of food, medicine, medical equipment, e-commerce goods will be able to move.
  • Persons and vehicles engaged in retail and storage of petrol pumps, LPG, CNG, petroleum and gas will be able to move.
  • Employees working in multiple shifts and day and night running industries/companies will be able to navigate by showing their company identity card.
  • Employees of banks, ATMs, RBI, insurance, NICs, customs and land ports and other financial institutions and their vehicles will be able to move.
  • Employees associated with railway/airport and cargo services will be able to travel.
  • Employees associated with postal and courier services will be able to travel.
  • People involved in seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, agricultural machinery and repair work will be able to move. The FCI and the Food and Public Relations Department will be able to transport the personnel and vehicles engaged in freight.
  • Employees of electric and print media and government media will also be able to drive with proper documents.

Penalty for the violations:

  • Fine of Rs 200 in the first violation and Rs 400 for subsequent violation in regard to not wearing a mask/face cover.
  • Fine of Rs 1,000 for not ensuring social distancing in public and private transport, for not ensuring social distancing among the consumers in front of the shops by shopkeepers and for violating home quarantine norms.
  • Any person, institution, organisation violating the regulations shall be deemed to have committed an offence punishable under Section 188 of the IPC (45 of 1860).

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