Tripura awaits CITES green signal for Agarwood export
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Agartala: The Tripura government has taken the initiative to turn the possibility of agarwood cultivation in the state into an opportunity. In this regard, it has taken steps to implement the ‘Tripura Agarwood Policy 2021’.

The process of formulating this policy for this purpose is also underway. In addition to this, the department has taken initiative to seek advice from state intellectuals, agar traders, agar farmers and agar oil makers.

The forest department in a notification said that the agar (Aquilaria malaccensis) is an evergreen tree which grows in Tripura in abundance.

“This species has a huge potential of creating another ‘Economic Revolution’ in Tripura after Rubber, Bamboo and other major forestry crops of Tripura.The low input for management and growth, lack of site specificity and intercropping adaptation could make agar a preferred cash crop,” the notification read.

It also cited that in Tripura, this critically endangered tree is quite adaptable to the land. In order to promote agar tree plantation, sustainable harvesting and promoting Agarwood based Industry, the government of Tripura is contemplating to bring a detailed policy for promotion of agarwood in the state.

“All public stakeholders dealing in the Agar sector, opinion makers, experts, business organisations etc are requested to offer their comments on the draft Tripura Agarwood Policy 2021 by June 15, so that this draft policy can be finalised before it is placed for necessary Government approval,” the notification reads.

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The chief minister took to his social media account seeking advice from the people to send their suggestions through e-mail at so that the government can make a final policy.

“Agar grows in Tripura in abundance and it has huge potential of creating another ‘Economic Revolution’. GoT is contemplating to bring a policy for promotion of agar wood. I request everyone to send suggestions to this mail so that we can make a final policy,” he wrote.

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