Agartala: Reacting to the statement made by former minister and CPIM MLA Bhanu Lal Saha, Tripura BJP on Tuesday accused the Communist Party of instigating violence in the state.

Speaking in a press conference, BJP state general secretary Papiya Datta alleged that the former minister was instigating CPIM cadres to take up arms and weapons to create unrest across the state.

On May 30, Bhanu Lal Saha had written in his social media account, “In the mass resistance against their bricks, kicks, petrol bombs, etc., keep sticks, dau, shovel, boti dau, ax, khanti, iron pipe, etc. at hand, regardless of men, women, teenagers or old people. Have the courage to confront the invaders from outside. It is not a crime to take up defence in self-defence. It is impossible to defend one’s life and property without confrontation. Youth, you are on fire. Be prepared. Hundreds of thousands of young men were formed. Stay in the lead by actively involving the people of the area.”

“The former minister and MLA Bhanu Lal Saha statement show how the 25 years of terror was established to remain in power. They are doing the old practice to grab the power once again. Their hunger to remain in power did not spare their MLAs, ministers, opposition leaders and supporters,” Datta said.

She also said that such a statement from a person who has been a teacher is unwelcoming and shows how they are instigating the violence in the state with the help of their cadres.

“If we look in the past, they have been instigating violence and terror and not just when they remain in power. Even during the period of 1988 to 1993, those five years they had established terror across the state,” Datta added.

The senior BJP leader said that people could not travel to Udaipur, Ambassa, Teliamura after 6 pm. Even today, those who support the CPIM are trying to evade TIPRA Motha to create panic in the ADC areas.

She also said that the state govt has been taking measures and steps and decided to help around 7 lakh families by providing Rs 1,000 through DBT and rations for two months and free education and assistance for the orphans which the opposition CPIM could not digest.

“The Melarmath leaders are trying to mislead the people. The BJP workers, starting from Pradesh chief to grassroots leaders, are working. The ADC is the recent example, where they have tried to use their cadres to create unrest,” Datta added.

Datta also said that since the BJP-IPFT government came to power, no political murder took place in the state, adding, “We condemn the unlawful statement made by the MLA and former minister.”

BJP spokesperson Subrata Chakraborty said, “The CPIM leaders, including Jitendra Choudhury and Bijan Dhar, are giving provoking statements. We are taking legal actions against them. We hope that the police will take due action against them,” Chakraborty added.

The Pardesh BJP Yuva Morcha president Nabadal Banik filed a written complaint against Bhanu Lal Saha at the Bishalgarh police station on Monday demanding immediate legal action for instigating violence.

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