Tripura DM case: 13 women, 6 kids were detained from marriage party, says HC
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Agartala: Tripura West District Magistrate (DM) Dr Shailesh Kumar Yadav on Monday ordered the closure of two marriage halls for violating the night curfew order issued under Section 144 of CrPC to contain COVID-19 spread in Agartala city.

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Yadav entered two marriage halls—Gulab Bagan and Manikya Court in Palace Compound, North Gate area around 11 pm allegedly after receiving complaints from locals of night curfew violation.

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The district magistrate was then seen dragging the groom and priest by the collar and ordering the police to arrest them all for violating COVID-19 norms.

Speaking with reporters, Yadav said all the people assembled had violated prohibitory orders under Section 144 CrPC and would be prosecuted under Section 188 of the IPC.

“From tomorrow, Manikya Court and Gulab Bagan are banned. They will not be able to function for one year. I will also recommend the suspension of the Officer-in-Charge of the West Agartala police station for not acting on repeated complaints of people, and I, as a district magistrate, have to come here. He is hand in gloves with these people, and departmental proceedings should be taken against him,” Yadav said.

He also said that if Covid spreads, these very people will blame that the government has not done anything, but what they have done? The permission is not beyond 10 pm, and after that, halls have to be closed.

“Such an incident, people should take this as an example. Unfortunately, these are the educated, rich people, they are behaving like this. What about the people who are not educated. You can make out what is the level of responsibility in our population,” Yadav added.

Yadav’s visit came as a surprise after he received complaints from people regarding the social events taking place in marriage halls.

Fury after Tripura DM thrashes groom for flouting night curfew

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  1. He look like road side goon, do not have basic desency. these are same people will go out of their way to accommodate people in power.

  2. Appreciate action but such action should be against politician too where there power is fused

  3. Good work done, but why he is using slang.
    He should also be suspended for using unparliamentary language being a Government Servent.
    THis is not expected from such educated person which I believe he is

  4. A DM behaving like a goon and rowdy! I can here him use words like “ass****”. What kind of a civil servant is this guy.
    He should have got the whole program shut down in a sincere, yet highly decent manner by giving the people 15 mins to vacate the premises and then locking it up.
    Such ridiculous behaviour.

  5. Hi DM, Kisi neta ke sath ye kar ke dikha. You have plenty of examples . Muut nikal jayegi teri unke ssamne. I hope that you and your family suffers the same that you gave to the common man’s family who too are at fault for being careless . Thhu he tere pe DM for the cheap show you gave for the camera. Tere baap ke naukar nahi he public. Punish people who do mistake but tune to do kaudi ka performance diya he .

  6. Very true .
    He could have said wind up all in half an hour instead of behaving like a demon .
    Such people are a shame to humanity .
    As if corona virus spreads only after 10 pm !

  7. Though the people have violated the law so some actions should be taken against them. But what is more pathetic is to see the DM behaving like a local goon who can speak in english & seems to be very proud of that .That’s why keep on mentioning educated people. It’s very easy to use powers on common people. Perhaps if he would have shown this enthusiasm from the last one year, then no cases would have been reported from his district.
    He only should be suspended for misbehaving & hitting out at common citizens & at a surgeon.
    #shamefulactdm #learntorespect #learntotalkinaproperway


  9. While enforcing law, he himself is violating law. Every person has a dignity, even he is a criminal. You can arrest but can’t do man handling, constitution doesn’t provide such power to any person.

  10. Arrest them if law say so. We should follow law. But why slapping a pujari. What kind of language is that.

  11. What the offer action did and used slang or forced them to leave is all appropriate when Govt has ordered 144 sec curfew,.why those fucking Bastards getting wind-up in marriage lavish function…there in no need to give 15 minutes or 30 minutes time vacate the function Hall.. there are inside high influenced political party related remember and police supported guys..they are all in the mood of “kuch bhe ” Sabh chalatha hai ” rules not for them! ? Only for others…due to this incident and officers boldness..The strict and bold messages is keep circulating in the Entire media, what’s…so called casual kuch bhe chalatha hai mindset guys are learned lessons and start home.. hat’s up to those TEAM of officers. Fuckoff to those cunning,decent talking guys who still find some blame on enforcement TEAM

  12. Tons of Hat’s off to Agartala DM. Whatever he said is very true nothing wrong in it, if He was soft, decent then our so called influenced people will never learn and obey law’s and his actions taken are correct.. first up all why currupt officers, political parties remembers, Bighead’s guys marriage group guys not following the protocol…!?@~??
    So the final action is jail heavy fine and no bail…good action by DM Sir. Fuckoff to those cunning innocent educated guys who are indirectly finding fault with DM and making bad comments on him.jai Bharat

  13. Certainly he does not look like a civilized, he behaved like moron. He had right to take action but misbehaving with groom and other people is intolerable.
    He should get suspended atleast for a year.

  14. Can’t believe I just saw a DM behaving like that. Really pathetic. Should be suspended immediately.

  15. He is just arrogant and had fake superiority complex that he is an IAS. He himself said that he is a public servant but he is acting like he is the Lord of this land. Further, no constitution gives anyone power for violation of right to human dignity which this couple and their family will feel for entire lifetime. This mental scaring of them will never go till some strong and examplary action will be taken against him.

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