Agartala: The suspension of a physiotherapist and social media activist Anindita Bhoumik by the Tripura Medical College (TMC) and Dr BR Ambedkar Teaching Hospital society has evoked anger from netizens. 

This comes after Bhoumik was suspended over her Facebook post, which raised questions over the process of purchasing the CT scan machine by the society on March 24.  

Netizens demanded immediate rollback of the suspension order against Bhoumik and questioned the system. They also demanded that the state government should intervene against the illegal suspension and bring justice to Bhoumik.

Many of her followers have come out in support and written on Facebook, ‘I stand with Anindita Bhowmik’ and questioned the suspension order issued by the society.

Speaking with EastMojo, Bhoumik said the CEO of the society called her in his office and asked her to take down the Facebook post, which did not have any mention of the TMC hospital or its officials. Not only that, they later called her father, who is 75-year-old sitting legislator, telling him to convince his daughter to take down the post.

“After I refused to take down the Facebook post, a day later, they sent me the suspension letter instead of issuing any show-cause notice. I have been vocal about several issues but never in the past did I face such intolerance from the administration,” Bhoumik said.  

She said that prior to the 2018 election, she was booked in multiple cases for criticizing the Left Front government, but she never faced such pressure from the government.

“I have been suspended for writing the truth on social media without mentioning any names or organization. However, I have written a letter to the CEO, seeking reason behind my suspension and if possible revoke the suspension in view of the service I have provided over the last 14 years,” Bhoumik added.      

When contacted, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Swapan Saha denied all allegations and said the tender was floated, in which two companies, one from Kolkata and the other from Agartala, participated.

“The society found both the parties qualifying the technical section of the tender, but the rate which both the agencies offered was not acceptable for the society. As a result, the tender was cancelled and according to the norms, both the qualifying agencies were called for negotiations. After discussions, the Agartala-based agency was shortlisted by the society,” Saha said.

He also said no irregularities were made by the society while outsourcing the CT scan service for the hospital.

“We reserve the rights to hold discussion and choose the technical approved agency to provide service to the hospital. Anindita Bhoumik was not suspended for the social media post, but due to her misconduct with the officials. The law will play its role in case we have made any mistake,” Saha said.     

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