CPIM leader Badal Choudhury attacked by BJP workers

Agartala: The Opposition deputy leader Badal Choudhury was allegedly attacked by a group of BJP supporters at Manirampara in the South Tripura district around 110 km from here.

Reportedly, Badal Choudhury, a member of the CPIM central committee and deputy leader of the opposition, was attacked in his own constituency.

Choudhury said the South Tripura district committee secretary and former MLA Basudeb Majumder, Belonia sub-divisional committee secretary Tapas Dutta had visited Hrishyamukh to pay homage to Dhananjoy Tripura who was a martyr in the movement demanding Kokborok as the state language and formation of 6th Scheduled Tribal Area District Council in Manirampur.

He claimed that in order to escape the miscreants’ attack, he somehow came to the town of Belonia and went to the Superintendent of Police, South Tripura district, to report the incident.

The CPM state committee said in a statement that on this day in 2017, the BJP and its alliance won the Assembly elections and started planned fascist terrorism.

“Every day for the last three years, BJP miscreants have been carrying out violent attacks. But the law enforcement agencies are inactive without fulfilling their responsibilities. There is no rule of law in the state. The CPIM state secretariat strongly condemns and protests the fascist-style attack of BJP miscreants on Badal Choudhury and other leaders in the presence of the police”, the press statement reads.

It also cited that the CPIM party’s displeasure over the inaction of the police and demanded the arrest of the miscreants.

Earlier, on Tuesday the leader of the opposition Manik Sarkar and deputy leader of the Opposition Badal Choudhury visited Belonia and faced the wrath of the sacked teachers and the victims of the chit fund as they demonstrated with black flags.

The BJP state spokesperson claimed that Badal Choudhury has been attacked due to that incident.

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“The attackers on Badal Choudhury were not BJP workers, because the BJP does not believe in the politics of violence.

“We strongly oppose any attack or terrorism. It is not easy to get rid of that culture of the CPIM,” BJP spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharjee said.

“The CPM could better say what was behind the attack. Let CPIM bring their political identity to the fore. If necessary, they should file a case with the police station. We also want the culprits to be identified”, he added.

Former chief minister Manik Sarkar in a press statement said that the repeated obstruction of the legislator from entering his own assembly constituency and today’s attack further exposed the authoritarian fascist look of the ruling party.

“The ruling party wants to increase the violence as the isolation is increasing due to their own actions. The isolation of the ruling party will increase and accelerate. The silence of the Chief Minister who is the Home Minister in such caricatures of the party miscreants is unimaginable, purposeful and unwelcome”, Sarkar said.

The South district police have registered a case in connection with the incident and an investigation has begun.

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