TIPRA chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Deb Barman
TIPRA chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Deb Barman |File image

Tripura: Merger of indigenous parties ahead of district council polls stressed

Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance also stresses for integration of Tiprasa inhabited areas

Chandan Panday

Chandan Panday

Agartala: Ahead of the Autonomous District Council (ADC) elections, chairman of Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman has stressed on the need to bring the indigenous political parties of the state under one umbrella.

In a letter to Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra (INPT) chief Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl, Deb Barman expressed his desire to unite the indigenous parties ahead of the ADC elections to fight for the rights of the people.

“I am proposing which maybe of an interest to you- A amalgamation of INPT,TIPRA and TPF as a new renamed political party on grounds that our ideology is same and that we will detect delete and deport all illegal migrants from India along with issues of CAA, NRC," Deb Barman wrote.

Letter written by Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman to INPT chief Bijoy Kumar Hranghkwal
Letter written by Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman to INPT chief Bijoy Kumar HranghkwalEastMojo Image

Deb Barman also said that there will be no question of alliance between their party and any national party till 2023 assembly elections.

He also stressed on the need for greater integration of Tiprasa inhabited areas, called TIPRALAND or TIPRAHA, like the Nagas.

“If the Nagas can talk to the Indian government for a greater Nagalim which includes parts of Myanmar,Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam for 22 years then why do Tiprasa's as a historical kingdom not ask the same? Our existence as an indigenous kingdom is one of the oldest in the region and the government of India will have to listen to our genuine desire for peace, unity and security," Deb Barman wrote.

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