Passengers being screened at an airport
Passengers being screened at an airport|Representational image

Coronavirus: Tripura govt rubbishes report of 22 infected in state

Nobody in our state has been infected with novel coronavirus; we have also not identified any suspected patient till now, says a govt statement

Chandan Panday

Chandan Panday

Agartala: The Tripura health and family welfare department in a statement said that nobody has been affected by the novel coronovirus and not a single patient with such disease was identified in the state.

The statement of the department reads, “It is being informed on behalf of the Department (health) that special observation is being held as part of routine practice according to government instruction regarding prevention of virus infection for those who have travelled to coronavirus-affected countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand after January 15, 2020.”

The notification further said that instructions were issued from the office of West Tripura Chief Medical Officer to concerned employees for immediate treatment in case symptoms of the disease surface in them or for further prevention of such infection.

Earlier a letter, written to Mohanpur Community Health Centre (CHC) Medical Officer-in-charge, said four persons, including three under the CHC’s jurisdiction were identified to have returned to Tripura after recently travelling to Thailand.

“As per the guideline, they have to be compulsorily monitored twice a day for a period of 28 days continuously. Now, you are hereby instructed to send health workers to the residence of the below-mentioned persons and observe them properly if they have any signs and symptoms, create awareness regarding novel coronavirus in them. They also should suggest them to go to any nearest hospital for medical checkup if they suffer from any sign and symptoms during the periods of observation”, the letter reads.

There is no need to be unnecessarily anxious about this issue. Nobody in our state have been infected with novel coronavirus, neither we have identified any suspected patient till now, the statement added.

As per the government report, around 22 persons were identified during the screening process to have traveled to coronavirus-affected countries like China, Singapore and Thailand.

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