One of the most anticipated movies of the year, 1983, will release in a couple of days and from fans to actors in the movies, everyone is excited. India Today took the opportunity to bring all the players who were part of the historic moment, and as expected, things got emotional.

We must remember the context: India, then an underdog, was up against the greatest cricket teams of all time, the two-time World Cup-winning team West Indies. By reaching the final, India had already beat expectations, but the team was not done. Despite scoring a low total, India managed to cause the biggest upset in cricket history by defending the score and becoming the World Champions.

Kapil Dev, the team captain, was emotional when the host Rajdeep Sardesai asked him about what he was thinking. “If we pick up all 14 and Yash (Yashpal Sharma, a member of the team, passed away this year in July), I think everyone has a character. When you want to achieve something as big as that, it is necessary to have a character. We all play cricket, but behind that, our individual characters are also important. If I look back, everyone has a character…where you feel they are not pushovers. You give them a lot of respect (for) not being a Yesman, but they are ready to die. You can make a movie on everybody.”

After this, however, Dev could barely contain his emotions. “I think it was wonderful I was the captain. But I think half as good, or even a quarter as good without the support of seniors. And I would say…” Dev could not complete his sentence as tears started rolling down his cheeks. Thanking the movie crew, Dev said, “Thank you to you guys, you bring back our lives.”

Sardesai then turned to Ranbir Singh, who has already won rave reviews for his portrayal of Kapil Dev, who too was crying. “The journey it has been to embody this (Dev’s) character, to be a part of this team…what they achieved is not a glorious moment in our sporting history but our nation’s history,” the actor said.

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