A heart-warming video is doing the rounds on the internet in which an adorable little monkey goes on an adventure to bring his mate some grapes.

The video was shared by a YouTube channel, Animals Home, on September 27 and has close to 1.9 million views.

The video starts with the monkey, dressed in a lilac play-suit with a tiny basket tied to his back, walking through wild grass and climbing up a small hill.

The monkey is then seen climbing a grape tree. After making it to the top, Bibi, the monkey, plucks a bunch of grapes. He eats one and the rest fall on the ground.

Bibi the monkey, then climbs down the tree and puts the grapes in his little basket made of cardboard. He then runs back to his friend, the goat to share the grapes with him.

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Both the monkey and the goat are seen enjoying the grapes in the next frame and the monkey is also seen feeding grapes to the goat.

Bibi then leans on the goat and they eat the rest of the fruit together.

Watch the full video here.

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