Another new cult of followers took over social media platform Twitter on Friday and they’re now appealing to the conscience of netizens to give up on consumption of meat.

While some refrain from eating meat for religious reasons, there are many others who turn vegetarian either for health reasons, or for the simple fact that they dislike the food.

Some Twitterati, mostly followers of Sant Rampal, however, seem to be consumed by the idea that eating meat is ‘sinful’.

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#BeVegetarian is among the top trends on Twitter today, with over 300K tweets and Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is also trending on the platform with close to the same number of posts in just 3 hours since the spiritual leader started the hashtag trend.

Here’s what Twitterati have been sharing, urging people to quit killing animals for food and switch to greens.

Sant Rampal is a GaribDas Panthi, a group connected to Kabir Panth. His Guru’s name is Swami Ramdevanand and he got initiated in that Panth on 17 February 1988. In 1994, Swami Ramdevanand chose him to be the successor of the GaribDas Panth. He believes that Kabir is the Supreme God.

In 2006, Rampal publicly objected to certain parts of Satyarth Prakash, a central book of Arya Samaj. In July 2006, a violent confrontation between the followers of Arya Samaj and the Rampal supporters at Satlok Ashram led to death of an Arya Samaj follower. Rampal was charged with murder and arrested. After spending several months in jail, he was released on bail in 2008.

In November 2014, the court ordered his arrest on a contempt of court case. Rampal was charged with murder, sedition, wrongful confinement and arrested. In October 2018, Rampal, along with fourteen of his followers, was convicted of two cases of murder by the Hisar court. All the convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment along with a Rs 2 Lakh fine each in both the cases.

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