NASA astronaut Megan McArthur brought along a book ‘The Wild Robot’ by Peter Brown to the International Space Station’s at the lower Earth orbit. She read it out to all the people watching her up there, especially her son back home on Earth.

“Reading stories with my son is one of my favourite things to do. It’s a little harder from up here, but we still make it work,” she wrote in a tweet sharing the video posted by NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

“Who’s ready to cozy up with a book this fall? @Astro_Megan is already ahead of you! She brought “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown into the @Space_Station‘s cupola to read an excerpt. Readers, it’s story time!” tweeted NASA’s Johnson Space Center via its official Twitter handle on September 22.

“The Cupola is an awesome feature that we have on the space station that is a set of windows that look down on Earth and when we have free time, we can come in here to take photographs, read a book, or just watch the world go by,” says the Astromom at the beginning of the video, explaining to viewers what the Cupola is.

Before reading the excerpt from the book, she says, “This is a story about a wild robot who opens her eyes for the first time, in a very unexpected place, a wilderness island. And she survives learning to adapt and learning to act like the animals that she meets on the island even though at first they think she is a monster. Early on in the story, she comes across and orphaned goose egg,” and begins to read the excerpt out aloud.

Watch this video to hear her read the excerpt from Peter Brown’s book ‘The Wild Robot’.

Here’s how her followers, well-wishers and fellow parents responded to the video shared by this Astromom.

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