An unusual creature found in the Italian island of Elba has left sailors and others shocked. It was a fish that looked like a cross between a shark and a pig.

The sailors freaked out when they saw the creature floating atop the water near a naval vessel anchored in Darsena Medicea, near the town of Portoferraio in Elba.

The crewmen hurried to get the strange out of the water, which was when they discovered that it looked like it had the body of a shark and a pig like face.

Upon closer examination by people, it was found that the animal was actually an angular rough shark. The fish is a rough shark of the family Oxynotidae which is often found in the entire Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic region between Norway and South Africa. This species is usually found 700 metres under the surface of the sea.

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When the sailors spotted the fish, they took its straight to the harbour office to study the Shark and eventually disposed the fish.

When the pictures of the fish went viral a few weeks later, hundreds of comments poured from netizens, some of whom even alleged that the sailors killed an endangered shark species.

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