We might take certain everyday chores like washing, cleaning, bathing and haircare for granted here on Earth, but what does one do up in space where there is not so much water to spare?

With the presence of microgravity on the ISS, objects float inside the station which can make something as simple as washing your hair seem like a ginormous task. When we think of a shower in space, the first thing that comes to our mind is water floating everywhere except for where you actually want it to go, creating a mess.

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NASA’s Megan McArthur shared a video via Twitter showing how astronauts apply a no-rinse shampoo with a tiny bit of water, to the hair. They keep towels handy to avoid letting water escape and then use a comb to spread the water from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

She also explains that the air conditioning system at the space station is designed to condensate the water from the towel and the hair to put in back into a water reclamation system which helps them replenish the resource by 70 percent.

She also mentions that scientists on earth are researching on how they can reclaim upto 90 percent of the water.

She ends the video with a spikey hairstyle, joking that microgravity does help with styling hair too.

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