This viral bride refused to make an entry on her wedding day till the song of her choice was played. While some social media users found her demand unreasonable, a lot of women found it rational. Why wouldn’t they? After all, a lot of women have their wedding playlists prepared years ahead of their wedding, probably even before they’ve found themselves a prospective groom.

On August 15, Shivani Pippel, Makeup director of Geetanjali Salon, Delhi, who goes by the name of @the.esthetic.glace on Instagram, shared a video to Instagram reels, wherein she refused to make her grand entry because the song that she had wanted to be played on her wedding day was not playing.

“Guess!!!! Why i don’t want to enter ??,” she captioned the video that went viral on the social media platform with over 2.6 million views and over 1.4 lakh likes. The video’s popularity can be credited to the video being re-shared several times on Instagram over the past few days.

Dressed in a salmon pink lehenga, the bonny bride was not ready to budge despite family members trying to convince her to. She stood firm on her decision to make the entrance only if the track ‘Piya mohe ghar aaye’ was played.

While some igers mocked her with names like ‘bridezilla’, there were others who backed her admitting that the wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of the bride and groom’s lives, so it was sensible for her to put her foot down and refuse to enter till her track of choice was played.

On August 25, Shivani posted a follow-up video on her Insta with the DJ finally playing her song after which she made her grand entry. “Moment later song was played,” she captioned the video.

The clip has been re-posted by several Instagram handles over the last few days, contributing to its steadily-increasing popularity. Shivani even added screenshots of igers who reshared her video along with TV screens with pictures of her making the headlines.

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