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The iconic Quit India Movement that ignited the fire of a mass protest against British rule turned 76 on 8th August 2018 and as the movement turned 76 years and a day old, prime minister Narendra Modi took the opportunity to dig out some of the important articles from National Archives and shared them his Twitter account.

Modi’s day began with a message reading “remembering the great women and men who took part in the Quit India Movement”.

He also shared a is a poem on Quit India by political Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was also a part of the movement.

The post read “Thanks to the National Archives, I found some fascinating nuggets of history relating to the Quit India Movement. Here is a poem on Quit India by Atal Ji. This was published in 1946 in ‘Abhyudaya’ a newspaper associated with Shri Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji.”

He also went on to share few more articles from the archive including reports filed by colonial administrators during the movement.

Another image from the archive showed an official report of the nationwide participation in the movement.

The movement not just engraved itself in history but due to the ripples of mass protest against British rule had jolted the roots of colonial rule in India. Through his passionate speeches Gandhi called for “an orderly British withdrawal from India”. The movement sparked off an aggressive national consciousness. Many people sacrificed their careers, property and even lives.

A still from one of many protests during the Quit India Movement

The movement also created a World-wide opinion particularly in U.S.A. and China in favour of India’s independence. President F.D. Roosevelt of U.S.A, put pressure on the British Government to grant the right of self-determination to India. On the whole, the movement had its own importance and facilitated the freedom movement in India.

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